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3-Steps to Get Pitch Ready

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Welcome to screenwriteNOW!


We help writers quickly clear writer's block, get pitch ready and transform their own hero's journey into writing gold.  


If you’re looking for someone to read your script, provide story structure or formatting, manage or shop your stuff, there are great people out there, but that’s just not us.  

Check out what we do great...

Our Services



Just Write NOW!

Clear obstacles (creative & personal), write consistently with focus, rhythm and flow. 

  • Is writing a struggle?

  • Distractions got your focus?

  • Critical inner voice?

  • Is your writing stuck?

  • Can't get the words to flow?

  • Missing script deadlines?

  • Want to finally finish your script?

Just Write Now is how you get to the end! 


Private sessions & Packages available. 

Private Consulting

I work with individuals & groups, on Professional & Personal Writing Projects, that need to de-stress, keep focused, connected & producing success.

  • Calm Nerves, Get Focused, & Build Confidence, naturally.

  • Write with Confidence.

  • Connect with Literary management, Studio Execs, with Confidence.

  • Streamline Writers Room synergies.  

  • Connect & Communicate Effectively with Writing & Business Teams, and Management. 

  • Enter Contests with Positive Mindset

  • Finish Scripts, Meet Deadlines.

Programs tailored for individuals & groups

Get Pitch Ready

Get clear and confident for your pitch meeting.  Release past rejections, calm current anxieties and project a vision of success.

  • Online pitches are happening, are you ready?

  • Do you struggle with nerves, anxiety & fears when preparing to speak or present?

  • Stuck on past rejections?

  • Worried about how they'll receive you?

Get Pitch Ready transforms your stress, so you project your genius with confidence! 


Private sessions & Packages available. 

My World View

Transform your own hero's journey into powerful wisdom and write from your emotional truth with your deepest authentic voice, for your biggest success!

  • Scripts not selling? 

  • Writing flat?

  • Plot confused or lost?

  • Too many characters?

  • Act II falling short of the hero's transformation?

  • Writing limited by your unresolved past?

My Worldview transforms your personal unresolved past, so you can write deeply connected story lines from your emotional truth & hook audiences! 

Private sessions & Packages available. 


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3-Steps to Get Pitch Ready

Confidently Express You & Appreciate Every Outcome!


“Suzanne is masterful, one hour with her was better than 6 hours with my writing coach.”

Annie R.


Ready to find out more?

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Our  best clients are committed to their writing, and open to taking proven steps that put them on a path to their writing success.  They won't waste another minute struggling alone and are ready for real help. They're resourceful and know that life doesn't stop, yet if there's a will there's a way.  

Is this you?

ME 1.jpg

Suzanne Gundersen is Founder of ScreenwriteNOW.  She helps screenwriters and industry creatives naturally clear obstacles & blocks, sharpen creativity, and get focused  into their writing rhythm & flow.  She works with them to clear the path that let’s their story flow.

Since 2015, she has skillfully helped screenwriters overcome fears, worries & blocks on demand, build tremendous confidence, and deepen their emotional worldview, wisdom & truth, to hook audiences into wanting more.  She shares natural tools & techniques that relieve tension & stress, so her clients become more authentic and embodied in their work.

She expertly shares a technique she calls Neuro-Energy Tapping, a self-use acupressure technique that calms the mind and relaxes the body; combined with her 3RP Method, creates powerful shifts towards experiencing the 5C’s; center, calm, clarity, creativity and confidence! 

Her programs “Just Write Now” and “Get Pitch Ready” have helped hundreds of screenwriters get focused into their creative rhythm & flow, effortlessly finish scripts and pitch with confidence. My Worldview”  is a program that helps writers transforms their personal hero’s journey, and write deeply connected storylines that express their deepest emotional wisdom and truth.   

Her work supports individuals and groups, she speaks & leads online workshops and programs.  Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs & goals.

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