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Get Pitch Ready

Consulting Packages

Script ready, nerves aren't? Clear past rejections, projected worries and build confidence.  Get aligned with your script and become a beacon that attracts matching talent!  

Using 3RP Method with Neuro Energy Tapping reprograms your stress and gets you ready and set to pitch YOU!  

If you're done feeling naked & afraid, feeling the sting of rejection, I'd love to help you get you in alignment with success!   

  • Clear worries 
(1-hour session)
  • Clear worries
  • Build Confidence 
(up to 3, 1-hour sessions within 2 weeks of purchase)
(save $70)
  • Clear worries
  • Build Confidence
  • Get Fully Aligned
(up to 10, 1-hour sessions within 6 weeks of purchase)
(save $390)

*Sessions are private, via Zoom.

Not sure which one of these is right for you, let's connect & chat about what you need to get your story out of your head and into your script!

Download class presentation HERE

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