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Consulting Packages

Get focused & write your script!  Identify blocks (personal, creative), clear your path and build habits that keep you consistently writing.  The 3RP Method with Neuro Energy Tapping calms the overwhelmed nervous system, and relaxes stressed brain pathways so that you can get focused into your writing rhythm & flow, fast! 

If you're done phoning a friend, taking long walks or standing on your head, I'd love to help you clear your blocks.   

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  • Identify blocks
  • Begin to clear the path
  • (1-hour session) 
  • Identify blocks
  • Clear path
  • Consistently write
(up to 3, 1-hour sessions within 2 weeks of purchase)
(save $70)
  • Identify blocks
  • Clear path
  • Consistently write.
  • Anchor Writing Rhythm & Flow
(up to 10, 1-hour sessions within 6 weeks of purchase)
(save $390)

*Sessions are private, via Zoom.

Not sure which one of these is right for you, let's connect & chat about what you need to get your story out of your head and into your script!

Download class presentation HERE

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